Why choose Syncano for your React app

Why choose Syncano for your React app

Syncano is a serverless platform that gives you the tools you need as a React developer to create a perfect backend ecosystem.

Watch as the backend development process transforms from months of work to just a few days of development by only you.

  • Speed - run complex code in the cloud and save resources on the client-side
  • Data - Sync all your data in one place, and easily manage it with your choice of local Store
  • Users - Create and manage users in minutes with minimal setup time
Resources to get you started fast

Resources to get you started fast

Fast development and great resources go hand-in-hand, so we have curated some for you here!

Store data any way you want

Store data any way you want

Syncano works with a myriad of React libraries and packages. Need to see it to believe it? Our entire Dashboard is built in React! We have opened sourced all of the code.

Syncano works great with:

  • Redux
  • MobX
  • GraphQL
  • And more!

How can Syncano help?

  • Data Management - Not only is data management with Syncano made easy, but querying for the exact data you want is just as simple! With Data Endpoints, your data is securely at your fingertips.

  • Endpoints for your code - Running your code in the cloud is as beneficial as it sounds - less resources! On top of that, you can add your own private or public endpoints to send GET, POST, or PATCH requests to.

  • Automation is key - There are times when you need to schedule code to run, or trigger it based on data changes. We made this possible with Schedule and Trigger functionality. Work smarter, not harder.

  • User Management - Create and manage users all from the platform, including social integration. Not only can you skip the strenuous user database setup, but your users will be well integrated!

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