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The most successful businesses are built on communities

Airbnbright arrowhouses
Airbnb taps into the crowd of home owners in order to create a marketplace for accomodation. Their software connects an unlimited capacity for growth with practically no incremental cost.
Uberright arrow
Uber uses the potential that lies in all the worlds’ unused transportation capacity by being the central connection point to a worldwide crowd of car owners. Although they do need some local presence in each country where they operate, it outcompetes other personal transportation services through scaling their market share with minimal resources.
Alibabaright arrow
Alibaba is the worlds largest online ecommerce retailer, but they have no inventory of their own. It is a software service that connects a vast network of retail suppliers to their customers, scaling their revenue to exponential levels. It is essentially a community for ecommerce, and has created unforeseen growth in revenue - with lightning speed.
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Innovation drives growth and speed keeps you ahead of your competition. Syncano has the community that unlocks this potential. Do you want to learn how Syncano can connect your business to the developer community?
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Speed for your enterprise

  • Create new products faster
  • Reduce the backlog
  • Unlimited resources. Zero overhead.
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Accelerate your startup

  • Reach market fit faster
  • Unlimited resources. Unaffected burn rate.
  • Discover new possibilities

Opportunities for developers

  • Monetize your skills
  • Be part of the global tech revolution
  • Connect with peers