Mobile Warsaw #32 and Serverless Mobile Apps

Mariusz WisniewskiMariusz Wisniewski

Syncano talks about the future of serverless mobile applications at the Mobile Warsaw Meetup. Learn what serverless apps are and what are their benefits.

In December, Syncano became one of the sponsors of Mobile Warsaw Meetup -- a great reason for some of us to visit Poland! (If you haven't been to Poland yet - here are 27 Reasons You Should Never Visit it 😉)

We were also invited to be one of the presenters, and I was happy to oblige with a presentation on Why Serverless Mobile Apps Are the Future.

So -- why?

In 2008, iOS and Android changed mobile app development with a marketplace for easy app distribution. Since then, the requirements for mobile apps changed, as well, and so did the technology stack.

'Cloud' became a buzzword and offline-only apps are now no longer wanted by users.

What makes the serverless idea attractive for today's app developers? What are the benefits it offers?

In short, as a mobile developer myself, I believe there are a few features your app needs to have (which is true for most mobile apps):

All of the above require some kind of a server and, fortunately, most of the features like User Authentication, Data Storage, or Custom Services (e.g., sending emails) are not app specific. That means server code can be generic and doesn't have to be re-implemented for every app you build!

There are a lot of services that can help you accomplish that in some way, but to be fully serverless, the requirements in my opinion are:

Syncano can help you meet all of these requirements and we aim to be the leading serverless app development platform. After you give us a try, it will be hard to go back to the old ways of building an app. :)

You can find my presentation slides on Speaker Deck

or see the video of the presention on YouTube.

If you'd like to see other presentations from the meetup, make sure to visit the Mobile Warsaw YouTube Channel.

Want to discuss serverless app development? Let me know in the comments, or message me on Twitter.

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