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Exercise Hacks That Every Software Engineer Needs to Practice

Exercise has been an important practice for software engineers, coders, and CEOs to relieve stress and stay on top of their game. Exercise has become a priority for startup founders and software engineers because of one simple truth – a fit body means a fit mind. And there are scientific facts to back this. Let’s finally put aside th…

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You Too Can Write Awesome Push Notifications to Engage More Users

Push notifications are crucial for the success of your app. They can double the retention rate but only if you write concise, useful, and clever messages. Mobile developers rejoice! And then fall into a despair, because as much as push notifications have become an important medium to engage more users, that trend is recognized by eve…

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How to create a Photo App in iOS with Syncano and SDWebImage - part 2, adding cloud storage

In the second part of this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to add the Syncano platform to a previously-created Photo App, to take a selfie (or just a picture), and to store it easily on Syncano! Disclaimer: This tutorial is written in Swift 2, and has not been tested with Swift 3 Add Syncano to Selfie Taker App! Time for another bi…

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Configuring and Running Django + Celery in Docker Containers

After reading this blog post, you will be able to configure Celery with Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, and RabbitMQ, and then run everything in Docker containers. Today, you'll learn how to set up a distributed task processing system for quick prototyping. You will configure Celery with Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, and RabbitMQ, and then run ev…

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