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Empowering developers worldwide

We believe in the world-changing power of apps and the developers who build them. The ever-increasing complexity of these apps demands a new serverless platform - made by developers, for developers.

At Syncano, we’re changing the way the world thinks about software development. We want to help developers focus on strategic initiatives, and not worry about heavy lifting.

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Meet the Syncano team

  • Photo of Nikolai Fasting

    Nikolai Fasting


  • Photo of Maciej Kucharz

    Maciej Kucharz

    Head of Engineering

  • Photo of Robert Kopaczewski

    Robert Kopaczewski

    Chief Platform Architect

  • Photo of Marcin Godlewski

    Marcin Godlewski

    Software Tester

  • Photo of Michał Kobus

    Michał Kobus

    DevOps Engineer

  • Photo of Joanna Luma

    Joanna Luma

    CEO Assistant

  • Photo of Wojciech Pasiński

    Wojciech Pasiński

    Front End Engineer

  • Photo of Adam Wardecki

    Adam Wardecki

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Piotr Owerczuk

    Piotr Owerczuk

    Junior Front End Engineer

  • Photo of Daniel Siwek

    Daniel Siwek

    Junior Front End Engineer

  • Photo of Tomek Ciecierski

    Tomek Ciecierski

    Junior Front End Engineer

  • Photo of Pedro Fasting

    Pedro Fasting

    Chairman of the Board

  • Photo of Harald Lervik

    Harald Lervik

    Board Member

  • Photo of Jeff Driskill

    Jeff Driskill


  • Photo of Teodor Bjerrang

    Teodor Bjerrang

    Board Member

Working at Syncano

Join us and help create a unique serverless platform for developers worldwide.

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