Rethink how you build apps

A complete platform to orchestrate your app’s ecosystem.


Simplify your stack

Stop writing code to connect disparate backend systems. With Syncano you can integrate anything, all from one place.

Control your data schema

Create sophisticated data relations and apply multiple filters. Easily manage your data from our user-friendly dashboard.

Code and prototype faster

Write your own code snippets and prototype them in the browser with built-in traces. Get your MVP to market and save development costs.

Build with your library of choice

We’re Open Source! Help contribute to our code on GitHub
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Hally Knutsen
"What used to take 5 weeks now takes just 1
week with Syncano. You let developers be
developers and not get stuck being
middleware or database engineers.
Hally Knutsen
New York Digital Labs
"Hands-down the easiest way to build robust,
advanced apps with real-time sync. Scripts
even lets me use third-party apps just like
native ones. Finally I can build anywhere,
anything, anytime on any device."
Krystian Sulek
"Syncano's personal, responsive support was a
difference maker for me. Syncano is the
developers' champion."
Patrick DeVivo

Customize your APIs and features

Every app’s needs are different. With Sockets, we give you the flexibility to combine and
configure the building blocks your application needs. Build stronger and better apps, faster!

Define your data schema based on your apps’ needs

Build complex data structures with Classes

Manage your own dashboard

Create new objects in the Syncano dashboard
or add them with code


NoSQL-like Database

Gives you the flexibility to create sophisticated data relations

Add real-time communication with Channels

Subscribe to data changes, send custom notification messages, give users different permission types.
Use Rooms to separate real-time data inside a Channel.

Run server-side logic in the cloud

With Scripts, run your code in response to events, updates to data, in-app activity or by a particular schedule. Use multiple languages, integrate with anything.

We currently support NodeJS, Python, Go, Swift, PHP, and Ruby.



Easily add user management & user permissions.
Ensure your data is safe


User Authentication

Authenticate your users using
passwords or social media


User Management

Create Users and Groups. User Profiles
enable you to store any user data


Data Security

Syncano is HIPAA compliant

Get real support from real developers

We’re a small but growing team and your success is vital to our success.
When you have questions, you’ll get answers from our own developers.
Check out our support page

Database. Backend. Middleware. Real-time. Microservices.
All in one place