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The Ultimate
Tech Platform for
Business Development

Automated backend running in the cloud,
powered by the community.

serverless app platform
For business developers:
Scale your venture faster.
Stale Husby, CEO, Relinklabs
If Syncano was around at the time we created our MVP, it would have saved us a full year to get into the market.
Ståle Husby, CEO, Relinklabs
For software developers:
Build more code faster.
Artur Czemiel, developer, Aexol
We managed to build, launch and succeed with our Pokemon Go map app in just 48 hours of programming.
Artur Czemiel, developer & founder, Aexol
"We are entering an era where software builds software. Syncano is a pioneer in that evolution."
Nikolai Fasting, CEO & Founder, Syncano

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Adam is a great guy and a part of our support team. At Syncano, every team member is here to help you. When you have questions, you’ll get timely answers directly from our team members.

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